Thursday, April 8, 2010

promised slideshow

Here is the slideshow I promised! It was my first time photographing a pregnant woman, so let me know what you think, I'd love some critiques and tips for next time.


  1. I like the shadow ones - the lines are great. I also think the ones that have the dress hanging straight over the bulge are less flattering than the ones that outline her more.

  2. I'm not terribly impressed with these. Is this the first time you have shot a pregnant lady? I think that with more practice they can get better, but for the most part they are not fantastic. I do not think most of the poses are great and they are not flattering.
    My favorite is the one where her belly is exposed. The others make her entire body look bigger when it is just her stomach that is bigger, you should work on more flattering poses to solve that problem.
    Keep trying and I'm sure you will get better.

  3. Thanks Lina! with the shadow pictures I really wanted to show just the pregnant outline, emphasizing form, and I think it worked.

  4. Anonymous-
    Thank you for the critique. Do you have any posing suggestions that I could try next time?