Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Italy Days

Craig Quatman showed customers Steeler themed jewelry on Saturday, during Little Italy Days. He has been making jewelry since March, and he said “getting ready for this [Little Italy Days] I had to work 11 hours a days for two weeks.”

People strolled through Bloomfield, along vendor-lined Liberty Ave on Saturday afternoon. Food and craft booths were set up, and musicians played for Pittsburgh's Little Italy Days this past weekend.

Bocce Mafia members played a match on Saturday, during Bloomfield's Little Italy Days. The stage was set up just off Liberty Ave, and passers by crowed to watch the game.

Donald Keiper, employee of Mobile Mountain Inc., climbed the rock wall they set up for Little Italy Days, in Bloomfield. This was Mobile Mountain Inc.'s first year at Little Italy Days, although Keiper said they attend a lot of fairs, festivals, carnivals, and airshows.

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