Sunday, March 11, 2012

Schenley Park

A few weeks ago I went to Schenley Park to take more pictures of nature with my friends and fellow photographers, Karen and Amy.  It started out a pretty and warm day, but by the time we got to Oakland and were walking up to the park it was getting cold and the dark clouds were rolling in.  We wandered through parts of Schenley Park, and all took a few pictures before it started raining.  When we got to the pond area it was drizzling a bit, which was actually nice at first because I was able to capture the ripples in the water.  When it started coming down more though, it started smudging my lens too much to continue photographing, and I was nervous about water damaging my camera and lens.  I plan to go back to Schenley Park when it is nice out, in the spring because it is a lovely area.  I have taken portraits in the park before, but taking nature photographs there made me see it as more than a backdrop.
  I like how some of the images look in black and white, because it emphasizes the ripples and reflections.  I also really like the picture of the cattails because you can see the drops of rain in the top part of the photo.  That was one of the last images I made that day before putting my camera safely into my dry bag.

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