Monday, February 27, 2012

McConnell's Mill

I really enjoyed our class trip to McConnell's Mill because we arrived just after sunrise, and there was lots of variety of subjects to photography.  We went along the Hell's Hollow trail and to the mill itself.  I experimented a lot with photographing the river and waterfalls.  It was my first serious attempt at longer exposures of water, and I got a few photos that I really like.  I tried to set the shutter open long enough that I would capture the smooth milky quality of the water, but unfortunately there was a lot of available light, so even with my ISO at 100 I couldn't do have my shutter open much longer than a few seconds.
It was also fun to photograph the combination of water and ice, surrounded by moss.  Overall, I'm pleased with the images I made on this trip.  How do you think these compare to the ones I've taken on other trips?

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