Monday, February 6, 2012

Raccoon Creek

I really enjoyed the trip to Raccoon Creek, Frankfort Mineral Springs that my nature photography class took last week. It was a lovely warm (for this time of year) day with lots of great subject matter. Some of my friends and I wandered through the woods until we found an old abandoned building. It was basically a small, two room house built into a hill, with lots of windows. The windows were good to use as frames for the outside, and I've posted one such image above. The roof was falling apart, so the trees above were visible. The outside of the roof was covered in moss, which was also really fun to photograph, and was great for both close ups, and for showing more of the roof.

After we explored in and around the house, we made our way down the hill to where most of our classmates had congregated around a waterfall. Although it was small, the waterfall was really pretty because it fell off a cliff over a small cave area, and it had been cold enough recently that there was quite a bit of ice under the overhang. After photographing the water from many angles (including from under the overhang), my friends and I followed the creek back through the valley. There was a lot more moss and some cool mushrooms and such growing on fallen trees.

Overall it was a fun trip, and challenging to try to get photos that would look unique compared to the rest of the class. I like a lot of the images I made, and chose these four to post first because I think they work really well together as a set, not only because of the subject (nature) but also because the colors are consistent.  But I will post some more later this week! I especially want to put a few of the moss covered roof I mentioned and more of the waterfall, so check back soon!

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