Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My photography teacher, Chris Rolinson, once mentioned in class that taking photos of a cemetery was something all college freshmen did, trying to be cool and original... This made me sad, because I had been planning to go photograph a beautiful cemetery near where I live.
So trying to fight the norm, and not make typical freshmen pictures, I didn't take photos of that cemetery as a freshman.
When I was a sophomore, it was fall, and the grave stones looked soooo pretty in the sunset I couldn't resist anymore. I was teased relentlessly by my friend Karen Bullock, and for awhile after that she would ask how my freshman photos had turned out.
Although I took the pictures, I never put them on flickr, or showed them to anyone. As I was sorting some images I came across them, and decided it was time. Here is one of my favorites, and I will put up a full slide-show tomorrow.


  1. I don't care what he says, cemetaries are always so beautiful. I don't think I ever took any trying to be "original" or anything like that, but more or less just trying to capture the beauty on film. It's so hard to take, or find a picture that comes close to the beauty that you see with your own eyes, away from the camera.

  2. I know, I guess it is just a subject many freshmen tend to gravitate toward.
    It is really hard to photograph cemeteries, which I didn't know! This one is incredibly beautiful, and I only managed to capture a little of that beauty.