Friday, March 19, 2010

photo illustrations

One assignment in my digital photo editing class was to take photos with a theme or concept during class, then next week to bring the images, and edited them into a photo illustration. I took photos of the melting snow, and all the debris left behind in it (you can see some of those photos in earlier posts).
I found that these were really hard to combine. I was feeling goofy, so this is what I came up with. Hopefully it fulfills the assignment!
I have to do another, and am stumped as to what to create. I've looked through my photos from that day, and feel they are better as single images... I'm sure a brilliant photo illustration could be made from them, but I can't figure out what.


  1. You should make another one that spells out smelly. I think it would be a brilliant addition to this photo illustration and you could put them in portfolio and you would be hired ASAP.

  2. That is an excellent idea! Thanks... I think I will.