Tuesday, March 23, 2010

portrait editing

In my digital photo editing class we learned how to edit portraits. Since portraiture is my favorite type of photography, I taught myself some basic techniques prior to this lesson, but some of the methods were new to me. While the effects are subtle, they really make a difference in the overall photo.
Here are both the before and after pictures, so you can compare. I blurred her skin slightly, to decrease blemishes and to make it look glowy, and brightened her eyes by lightening some areas, and darkening others. The edits needed on her photos are rather minimal, because her skin was already clear, and there wasn't much to fix overall. But the little things still make it a better photograph.
One of the topics brought up in class was the ethics of editing portraits... Is it moral to remove some zits? How far can you go in making a subject look better/perfect?

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