Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have been working on a photojournalism multimedia presentation for my reporting class. The subject is the making of costumes for the Point Park University Pittsburgh Playhouse productions of Light in the Piazza.
These are some of the photos from the night of dress rehearsal, when all the actors were getting into their costumes. I really enjoyed taking these pictures because theater types are always fun to photography. They see a photographer, and pose, lovin the camera! It makes for fun and easy pictures. Actors are also fun to photograph in the studio, because I don't have to worry about posing them, since they have so much fun modeling.
Due to the lighting situation I had to shoot on a high ISO (meaning the photographs are grainier and less sharp). I am considering converting some of them to black and white, which could make the grain in the pictures look more natural. Do you think it would take away from the message of the images?


  1. I love these photos! My favorite is the last one with the hats. I think the black and white would make them look really cool :)

  2. Thanks! I really like that one too. I think the one of the three actors in the hall (the middle one) would most benefit from the b&w conversion, so maybe I'll try that one first.