Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo on your own, home in WV

For my "photograph on your own" assignment, I took pictures at home in West Virginia.  I've taken a lot of photos around my house, so I challenged myself to try not to get the same pictures I always take in the area. I stayed close to my house, but wandered a little around our valley at sunset.  The Colts Feet seeds were along the road, above my driveway, and I loved how the sun behind them made the fluff and the grass glow.  I also really like the baby ferns, and I think I might submit that photo for our student showcase.
  The last two images were on our neighbor's land.  The first is a beaver dam.  It was huge, and apparently very strong.  I went upstream from the dam, but I couldn't find their lodge.  I did have fun researching beavers though, and learned some cool facts about the big rodents.  Apparently, other than humans, beavers are the only animal that really changes their landscape.  They are also really good for the ecosystem, despite clearing patched of trees.  Also, the female beaver is often larger than the male which is really unusual for mammals.  They can get up to 55 lbs!
  I took the last photo not far from the beaver dam.  It is an area which was strip mined.  The line of rock are limestone, which were put there to neutralize acid mine drainage.
  I really enjoyed this assignment, and I'm happy to say I got unique photos of a place I'm very familiar with, and which I've photographed many times before.

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