Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pittsburgh Zoo

I went to the Pittsburgh Zoo with my nature photography class.  I was not a fan of this trip, because I don't like zoos.  Seeing the wild animals in cages upsets me.  My favorite part was seeing and holding the sea turtles, because they were rescued.  Even those made me a little sad, because they were in such tiny tanks.
  Photographically I did not think the trip was that great either.  It was a dreary day and for the most part the class stuck together so it was a little difficult to get unique photos.  I also knew that trying to make my photos look like the animals were in their natural habitats wouldn't yield very interesting images, so for a lot of them I tried to capture the feeling of the zoo as well. I Included the cages, etc., in some of my photos to illustrate how unethical zoos are.  In this blog I also included some of the pictures I took that don't have the cages or tanks, to show some variety.

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