Monday, April 9, 2012

Planet Earth, behind the scenes

Watching the behind the scenes/making of Planet Earth was very interesting for me. I immediately thought of how it related to what I was learning in my world geography class, about how nature and society are often connected and impact each other through technology. I thought this was a prime example, because society was educated and brought information about nature, through technology. I thought it was especially interesting that these videographers captured scenes that even scientists had not been able to observe.
I enjoyed hearing the personal accounts from the people making Planet Earth, and I would have liked to hear even more from them. The process was very interesting, and I wish more about the process, failures, experience, personal perspective, etc., had been included in the behind the scenes sections. However, hearing about how they got the footage of the snow leopard was really cool.
They also did not address how they researched the places they went to film, especially those which had not been visited before. In the documenting of places on earth that man has not destroyed, I wonder how much of a footprint these filmmakers left behind. Seeing and hearing about the danger the crew had to go through to get some of the shots was exciting. I know I probably could not put myself in life-or-death situations to obtain some footage, but I thought it was really interesting to see how other people did.
I also thought it was really interesting how hands-on the filming was. I expected it to be more computerized. For the shots zooming over landscapes, I thought the camera must have been either in or attached to an airplane. Seeing that they were hand-held in a hot-air-balloon was interesting and pleasantly surprising. However, I would have liked to hear and see more about the equipment they used for the making of Planet Earth.

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